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Integration of Systems and Partnerships
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The relationship between security and functionality is crucial when designing a robust CCTV system (or modernising an existing one). Therefore, the journey must begin with a thorough site survey to understand the operating environment, ensure the solution will fully meet the client's security, operational and audit requirements, integrate into the client's wider security solutions and is future-proofed for expansion.


Acctive Systems recently designed and installed a bespoke CCTV solution for a leading global logistics company. The client was looking for a feature-packed system that would deliver site-wide coverage to improve their ability to manage risk, meet their security audit obligations and streamline their security operations.


The project began with gaining a thorough understanding of the client's expectations. A primary ask was for an intuitive system that was easy to operate by people fulfilling various roles on site and which provided high-quality images in demanding conditions.


Having understood the client's requirements, Acctive Systems designed a bespoke solution, which included a full-fibre backbone network to support the required quantity and quality of camera streams, whilst also future-proofing for expansion.























Acctive partnered with Hanwha Techwin and Oprema because of their impressive lead times, outstanding sales and technical support, and proven track record of delivering on their promises.


To deliver on the promise of providing the client with high quality and reliable cameras, Acctive partnered with Hanwha Techwin, who not only supplied cameras that met the client's expectations, but also supported Acctive with its design team throughout the process, going above and beyond.


Acctive installed Hanwha Techwin's Wisenet Series cameras and their accompanying 'Smart Viewer' software to enable complete video management. Since the client wanted a perceptive and user-friendly system, the deployment of Hanwha Techwin's own family of software and hardware allowed them to do just that. 


Acctive installed a full-fibre backbone consisting of multiple 9U data cabinets. This permitted the Wisenet cameras to be wired to local HUBS, while also building capacity for future expansion. Two different types of Wisenet bullet cameras were selected, as well as a mini-dome camera system. This, coupled with a rack mounted Wisenet NVR PRN-4011 72GB HDD's, completed the solution.


Another requirement was that the images were accessible from various offices. As such, a further 4 PCs were installed.


Since the site handover, the client has confirmed that they have passed their security audit and have acknowledged and appreciated the efforts put in by Acctive and their partners. The project has been a huge success, with due credit to Acctive's relationship with Oprema and Hanwha Techwin, prompt delivery of all equipment, and dedicated customer service provided by the supply partners. By working together in partnership, the three leading security organisations have created a robust security system that not just met the client's expectations, but far exceeded them.


Cameras that were installed in the project: 

  • Wisenet QNO-8020R 5MP Network IR Bullet Camera

  • Wisenet QNO-8080R 5MP Network IR Bullet Camera

  • Wisenet QND-8020R Network IR Dome Camera 


"Our client required a feature-packed and intuitive security system that enveloped their large estate to cover their day-to-day operations. Partnering with Oprema and Hanwha enabled us to find the nexus between a complex security system landscape and an interface that puts the user experience first. We are glad to have once again delivered on our promise of quality and customer satisfaction."

-Acctive Systems

“We are delighted that Acctive has placed its trust in Hanwha Techwin to provide effective and future proof video security solutions. Logistics companies are subject to strict service level agreements; so any downtime in their operations may incur significant penalties and impact customer loyalty in a competitive industry. Our reputation for high-quality products at a competitive price, together with Oprema’s strong distribution channels and Acctive’s excellence in systems design and installation have all been critical to the success of the project."

-Uri Guterman, Head of Products & Solutions, Hanwha

“We were delighted to work with Acctive to supply this bespoke solution for their client. At Oprema we pride ourselves on our sales and technical support so it’s always great to hear when a client has experienced first class service from us. I’m pleased to hear the client has passed their security audit and the project has been a big success for them. We look forward to working with Acctive and Hanwha Techwin on future projects and further strengthening our partnership.”

-Carl Spencer, Commercial Director, Oprema

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